We are focused right now on developing the core functionallity for Nexus QR8 to deliver on our Curate | Share | Engage strategy.

As we develop our thinking and receive feed back from users we are developing a product development road map that will see a number of new features being added over the coming weeks, months and years.

Once we have successfully completed our launch we will share some of these ideas with you here and will also welcome suggestions for new features alongside a voting system to allow users to indicate their wishes in terms of the order in which identified new features are developed.

Some of the features we are hoping to add to Nexus QR8 soon include:

Special Interest Circles: Currently Circles on Nexus QR8 are set up by an individual user who invites people they know to join them in their circle. We have received feed back to suggest users would welcome the oportunity to join some public circles that are open to anyone to join. We will trial this feature with a few groups initially and see how it goes.

Following: We are working on adding a feature called “Following”. This will be very similar to the Circle feature but it will be a one way relationship so you will be alerted when the individual you are following posts content on LinkedIn via Nexus QR8 but they won’t be alerted when you post. This could be useful if you identify people on Nexus QR8 that you want to keep tabs on because their content is of interest to you or because you want to engage with them with a view to perhaps connecting at some point once you get to know each other through your interactions on their posts.