The settings page is the place where you can personalise some of the various system settings that determine exactly how your Nexus QR8 instance functions.

You access the settings page by clicking on the small black downward facing arrow next to your profile picture at the top right of any Nexus QR8 screen.

As we develop the platform we will add additonal items here but may initially launch new features with limited configurability so as not to delay the availability of new features. Configuration options will be added as soon as practical to give you the most control possible over your Nexus QR8 experience.


This is where you control if you receive email alert notifications about certain things relating to Nexus QR8.

Currently the only alert that is available will notify you when there are posts avaialble for you to review, like and comment on your engage page. You can turn this feature “on” (you will receive emails) or “off” you won’t receive emails by ticking or unticking the tick box (ticked equals “on” and unticked = “off”).