Scheduled Posts

Your scheduled posts can be viewed and rescheduled/cancelled or even scheduled for additonal posts on the share page.

Create a Post

You can create a manual post by clicking on the “Add Post” button.

Work through the various elements of the pop up to set up your post as follows:

  • If you are a Pro or Ultimate user you can select if you want to post as yourself (i.e. with the post going to your own peronal LinkedIn profile or to a company page). You can find out more about posting to a company page here.

  • You can select the type of post you want to publish (Text only, Link, image etc)

  • Type in the commentary that you want to appear in your LinkedIn post

  • Select any hashtags relevant to your post by clicking on them (these will then be appended to the bottom of your post)

  • Select which circle members you want to be alerted that you have posted (a tick means they will be alerted and if the box is unticked then they won’t).

  • Select “now” if you want to post immediately or use the date and time options to schedule the post to be sent later.

  • Click “Create Post” (We may rename this to “Publish Post”)

Send Again

You can resend previously posted items by clicking on the “sent” menu item and then the “Send Again” button for the relevant post. When you did this the commentary text, hashtags and circles previously selected will be pre-selected for you. You can make any adjustments needed before either posting “now” or choosing a date/time for the post to be sent again.