The Curate section of Nexus QR8 has two sections, Curate and Subscriptions.

The default screen when you have articles to review is the Curate view but when you first join and have no subscriptions set up the default view is the subscriptions view.


This is where articles are displayed once they have been discovered and allocated a Unique Relevance Score (URS) by Nexus QR8. You can find out more about the URS here (this link doesn’t work yet).

Articles will appear in the view listed in order of their URS with the most relevant article at the top of the list.

The “Feed” dropdown can be used to select articles from individual sources (searches or feeds). The fault view is “All”.

Articles will auto expire after 7 days (from their published date) if they are not accepted or rejected beforehand. This happens at the end of each day.

You can view an article in a new browser window by clicking on the article title.

To “Reject” an article click on the “Reject” button and the article will be archived.

See below under “Posting Content” for further information about how to Post Content.

You can find out more about “Circles” here and more about “Hashtags” here. ((links not working yet).

Posting Content

It’s really easy to share your curated content on LinkedIn!

In the Curate screen click on accept and a pop will appear. Work through the various elements of the pop up to set up your post as follows:

  • If you are a Pro or Ultimate user you can select if you want to post as yourself (i.e. with the post going to your own peronal LinkedIn profile or to a company page). You can find out more about posting to a company page here.

  • Type in the commentary that you want to appear in your LinkedIn post

  • Select any hashtags relevant to your post by clicking on them (these will then be appended to the bottom of your post)

  • Select which circle members you want to be alerted that you have posted (a tick means they will be alerted and if the box is unticked then they won’t).

  • Select “now” if you want to post immediately or use the date and time options to schedule the post to be sent later.

  • Click “Create Post” (We may rename this to “Publish Post”)


  • This is where you configure Nexus QR8 to search for content.

  • You can read more about this element of the portal on the Subscriptions help page.